Summer Camps


The wide range of activities and experiences offered at KNO empower our students and get them out of their comfort zone while they learn something new. Our special staff and incredible facilities that are carefully chosen for these programmes mean everyone gets the chance to exercise their brains and their bodies.

Our Summer Camp aims to welcome campers who are ready to engage in a meaningful experience away from home.

We offer an incredible variety of programs and activities, with top-of-the-line facilities and qualified staff who are committed to the enjoyment and safety of all programme participants. Join us to create your own memories and make the time with us so enjoyable and enriching. For more information, contact us or meet one of our staff.

Our summer camp programme was meant to catch up on the educational losses that many students have suffered and still suffer from as a result of the long-time confinement and social distancing that forced schools to close due to Covid-10 pandemic spread.

This programme aims to support the psychological aspect of students, strengthen their language and 21st. century skills, and to enhance the educational gains that have been acquired thus far through our KNO curriculum.

This programme intends to give the opportunity to KNO students, as well as to those wishing from other educational institutions in the governorates of North and South Al Batinah, to join the programme.