Community Support


At KNO School, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting those in need. We have been involved in various initiatives aimed at aiding the local community. The school launched many social and community initiatives in the Wilayat of Al Khaburah during the year of 2022/2023. Most of these initiatives target students’ education, enhance their interpersonal and life skills, strengthen their perceptions, and boost their morals.

Parents were also directly or indirectly supported through a set of financial initiatives mainly as a response to mitigate the financial and psychological impact of the Corona pandemic, and the repercussions of Shahen Hurricane on the local community in the State of Al Khaburah. We waived off three months school fees to all KNO students to ease the financial burden caused by the cyclone, and we provided essential items and household appliances to those affected by the disaster.

During Ramadan, we distributed a large number of grocery baskets to low-income families to ensure that they could have a comfortable and fulfilling month. We have also worked with government authorities and local dignitaries to organize various events and programs that benefit the community. At KNO School, we are committed to making a positive impact on the community and strive to continue supporting those in need.