To enroll your kids at KNO, we will be happy to receive you at our admission department during the normal working hours. Read more about our school official work opening and closing times.

Guardians should fill in and duly sign KNO registration form.

The following documents should be submitted with the registration form:

  • Four colored recent ID photos
  • A copy of the health card of each student
  • A Copy of birth certificate, resident card (for non-Omanis)
  • A copy of the ID card of the guardian
  • A copy of the payment receipt is submitted with the registration form as a proof of settlement of school fees based on the payment terms that are agreed upon between the guardian and the school account department.
  • The guardian is also required to settle any other fees (if applicable) such as transportation fee uniform cost, canteen …etc.

Only after completion all registration formalities, including full settlement of any agreed fees, and signing of the registration contract that the guardian can receive the school uniform.