STEM Programme


KNO believes in engaging students with most effective new teaching techniques known as STEM. Via combining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills in a set of systematically designed series of activities, KNO aims at expanding its students’ abilities, widen their critical thinking, promote discussions and problem-solving among students, developing both practical skills and an appreciation for collaborations.

The KNO environment, diverse learning styles, and inspiring teaching methods, engaged in a well-netted immersive STEM programme, form a one and unique KNO ecosystem of collective intelligence.

The STEM activities are created out of a strong desire, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making learning fun and inspiring.

At the heart of everything we do, is to push students to their utmost limits while they learn, discover, and evolve. Our commitment is to awaken their creativity, innovation, and self-awareness. We invite you to explore our diverse STEM activities designed for learners from early stage of their long learning journey.

We curated the STEM learning activities around “Open-Class learning” approach, with a focus on life-skills, study-skills and the 21st Century skills.

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