Message From Principal


Welcome to KNO Schools! Our name represents our commitment to fostering Knowledge as a Never-ending Obligation. This is the foundation on which our school rests as a Non-profit school. Our vision gets inspired from the principles of our long-lasting heritage and culture. We aspire to cultivate authentic values and insights from the present vision to build the future. We work hand in hand with our communities to build a generation that is proud of its identity and embodies global values and common human principles.

We have the privilege of teaching bright and curious students from Al Khaburah state and the surrounding areas and beyond. We empower them to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking. Our curriculum and unparalleled teaching methods help them take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence. In short, KNO students receive so much more than an ordinary education.

Preparing for the brightest future, our devoted teachers provide unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. Students and families are welcome into a dynamic and supportive community, whereby our faculty are ready to enhance intellectual growth of our students and promote their participatory engagement.

We truly invest in quality, while we devotedly put sustainability in practice. KNO has just been ISO certified (9001:2015) and thus hits another milestone of merit towards its long journey of academic excellence. I seized this opportunity to command all my colleagues for their dedication, loyalty, and unprecedented hard work to achieve such a big millstone within a record time.

KNO has been certified by MLA university in UK as the only school in Oman who puts sustainability in practice. Offering green education is at the heart of our preoccupations. All our school premises are committed to offering green and healthy learning environment. Currently, KNO Al Khaburah branch is fully powered by solar energy and thus tries to raise the awareness of our students, teachers, and community to tackle the major environmental issues such as global warming, climate change …etc.

If you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about our values, academics, teaching staff or anything related, we are more than happy to welcome you at our offices and answer all your inquiries.

At the end, I invite all my beloved students, faculty, admin staff and parents to enjoy this unique, and exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth, academically, professionally, and personally.

Melak Al Dakhlaoui

The school principal