Entry Requirements


KNO’ entry policy is to open registration at early age of students only, namely from KG 1 to G1. The vast majority of KNO students are admitted to the school and thus get placed in these levels for a reason: KNO school wants to maintain the quality of its students from their early age onward, and therefore ensures they grow from within the school system and within its approved curricula.

All students who are transferred from other schools staring from grade 2 onwards are subject to rigorous placement criteria. Only qualified students can be admitted to the school regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnic group, color, race or gender.

Priority for enrolment is given to KNO students and their siblings if they meet the entry requirements. Having a brother or a sister at KNO school does not guarantees a seat by default to any sibling, relative or friend no matter how close the person is away from school. The entry to KNO school is by merit only: for more information about the entry requirements or for any placement, please visit our admissions department or contact us.