KNO teachers fully understand what it takes to be at school for an early ager. They expect their students to remain awake, active, and attentive during each class; and that requires continuous energy and efforts. Therefore, providing them with quality food and balanced nutrition is not a choice, but a determinant factor of their school success.

KNO School provides a variety of fresh and delicious home-made meals every day. They are prepared and served fresh to our students in recyclable lunchboxes.

Based on the strategic choice of Tamkeen Investment Group, we decided not to outsource our school catering services to restaurants or to profit-driven companies. Instead, we have opted for a more participative and sustainable approach that involves local community in the process. The initiative is to target and empower young ladies who are passionate about cooking and who has entrepreneurship skills in order to achieve the following goals:

  • To reinforce the sustainability model of KNO School via its integration into its local community.
  • To secure jobs for those with culinary skills and would like to work in the field of school catering.
  • To Empower jobseekers to sustain themselves via generating income for themselves and for their families.
  • To Provide school meals similar to the quality of food they receive at home.
  • To guarantee healthy and balanced food is served to our students based on the agreed standards.

KNO School is keen to provide an attractive and stimulating learning environment that is conducive to quality education. We are currently building a fully-fledged and well-equipped school canteen where our enthusiastic young chefs will come and prepare meals to our school and to the community institutions around it.